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Computer & Hardware Upgrades

  • Breathe new life into your PC or Laptop
  • Help your computer perform new tasks
  • Increase music and video storage
  • Make your computer run faster
  • Add new capability such as TV
  • Install memory, storage and cards

Need to add some bells and whistles to your computer?

The once standard home computer has become the hub of the home entertainment system. It allows us to watch, listen, record and store movies, music and television programs. This increasingly varied use of the computer often makes them hungry for more storage space, better graphics or the latest upgrades like a TV Card. Digital media such as music, photos and videos requires a lot of storage.

You can increase your storage capacity by installation of an internal or an external hard drive. Video editing also needs plenty of memory (RAM). A memory upgrade will certainly make the task easier. Also, installation of a TV card to your computer can turn it into a digital TV recorder allowing you to pause and rewind live TV.

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